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A big greeting to all Tumblr. Sorry for the change in my profile but... I wanted to change the language from Italian (my mother tongue) to English because I wanted to be much "International".
I'm original of Italy, I was born in Sardinia (Oristano) and I still live here. I want to inform you that I speak a little bit of French too. I love first of all Tumblr, and also reading handsome books, writing poems and normal texts, listening to music (expecially listening to Lana del Rey/Amy Winehouse songs) and watching streaming movies.
Razors pain you,
Rivers are damp
Acid stains you,
Drugs cause cramp
Guns aren't lawful,
Nooses give
Gas smells awful,
Ya might as well live.

-Interrupted Girls

Vogliamo i seguiti di Schegge di Me di Tahereh Mafi in Italia!



Untitled pe We Heart It.

I’m a Brooklyn Baaaabyyyy



Tell me I’m your National Anthem…

And everybody’s rushing me but I can feel you’re touching me…

And everybody’s rushing me but I can feel you’re touching me…









Credo sia una delle gif più belle che io abbia mai visto, al giorno d’oggi non ne trovi di uomini che abbiano il coraggio di rivestirsi e abbracciarti quando gli dici una cosa simile, se ne vanno e si incazzano pure. Schifo.


È dolcissima


Penso sia uno dei miei post preferiti

Reblog infinito.

Una delle cose più belle che abbia mai visto.



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Anonimo ha chiesto: Di dove sei?:)

Sardegna :)

うさぎのモキュ様の赤ちゃん まっしろちゃん



This is for the boys out there who are constantly fighting an Eating Disorder. It makes me angry when people see it as a girl’s disease because it’s not. The fact is we go unnoticed because no one ever thinks it’s possible. There are tons of guys out there who go undiagnosed for the same reason. Please stop stereotyping because this is a very serious disease that takes over your life.


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These eyes*-*

These eyes*-*

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